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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Your Words Are the First Step in Deliberate Creation

What you say determines what you will think. What you think will determine what you feel. What you feel will determine what you manifest. Your words therefore are extremely important that you get them right.

You’ve probably heard it time and time again that it is your thoughts that are doing all of attraction. But in fact it isn’t your thoughts at all. The universe doesn’t hear your thoughts nor does it see the pictures in your mind. It simply responds to the vibration that emanates from your emotions.

Your words are directly influencing your thoughts so it would make sense that if you words are the first link in the chain then they are equally important as your thoughts and emotions. Reality exists in varying states of vibration. Our physical realm vibrates on a lower frequency than our mental realm, which vibrates much faster. Our thoughts are a part of this realm, with a much higher frequency of vibration than physical reality. Our bodies are part of the denser, slower-vibrating physical plane. Yet, as a being that is connected to source energy we are able to create our desires in the higher frequency and bring it into manifestation in the physical.

When you speak you are not just expressing yourself in a verbal manner, but you are shaping your world around you. Pay attention to the conversation of people with money, often you will find them speaking about the subject of money. Whether they are conscious of this or not, the act alone is just one of the steps that help to produce their manifestations.

Remember to pay close attention to your words as they will ultimately determine your overall emotions. Whether you speak your words in your mind or out loud, you will always hear every utterance. So make sure what you say is what you want.

Gary Evans is a Law of Attraction practitioner, author and owner of the company Good To Feel Good. Gary is dedicated to helping you attract anything you desire through successful application of the Law of Attraction.

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The power of affirmations is greater than what most people think. In fact, most affirmations that we say on a regular basis are negative, and that has a significant impact on what we attract into our lives. You may give yourself a positive affirmation and not believe it at all, but that is your mind letting you know that affirmation is stepping out of its “comfort zone”. With repeated practice, your mind will begin to believe it, and make it happen…no matter how much you resist it at first (feel as though you are lying to yourself). Try to make a conscious effort to give yourself at least one positive affirmation every hour of the day, and more if you think of it. Try to be mindful of the things you say and attempt to catch yourself before giving yourself a negative affirmation… when you do catch yourself, simply replace that negative affirmation with a positive one. With continued practice, you’ll start to see some major changes in your life.

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