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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Five Steps To Create Your Vision By Applying The Law of Attraction

Human beings control their own lives and destinies. In order to lead a good life, they need to be have leadership qualities. One of the essential qualities is the ability to look beyond the past into the future. Real leader uses past experience as reference. He will not dwell in it no matter if it is good or bad. Like Anthony Robbins frequently said in his works " The past does not equal to the future unless you live there". Leader learns lesson from the past but he is not obsessed in it. Neither is he regretted nor euphoric about the past. He just accepts the past as fact. He only looks for what course of actions he needs to take for the future. Leader must have visions. In this article, we will talk about how to create vision for the future of your life.

In order to have good future, we must have the ability to see what will be our desired situation. There are a few steps to proceed in order to create the quality of having vision. The ability to look into your desired future will be fundamental to your success. The steps include:

1. Write down what you want in each area of your life.

There must be many things that you desire. Write down your goals in each area. Your goals can be about your health, education, financial, career, relationship, spiritual or self improvement. Make sure that you cover all major areas which you think are important. Writing down your goals will be the most important step to induce to the ability to see the future more clearly.

2. Create your vision board.

Make your vision board by searching for some photos that match your goals. They do not have to be exactly the some photos that match what you want but have to be some relevant ones. They can be from any sources like magazines, your own albums, Internet or other printed materials. Gather all the photos down and paste them on a big board in the way you want. This is your vision board to make you excited about the future. This is where you come back to see every time you want to encourage yourself and to look into your future.

3. Visualize your success from your vision board.

Look at each photo in the vision board and visualize that you have achieved in each area. Feel your feeling when you visualize. Visualization is a most powerful tool to success. It is also one way to practice your ability to look into future and create your vision.

4. Take massive actions until you succeed.

You will not succeed without taking actions. There is no vision for the one who does not take any action. Because without action, your ability to see the future disappears. If you have no control over future by not taking any action, how can you see what will happen? Make sure that you take enough actions if you want to create your own vision.

5. Focus and employ the law of attraction.

Focus on what you want until you succeed. With the intense focus on your goals, you will attract the circumstances and attributes you want into your life according to the law of attraction. The more focus you have, the higher chance of success you will acquire.

Every good leader has the ability to see his future including his organization's future. This article talks about five simple steps to create your vision by applying the law of attraction.

Jim Somchai
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