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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Secret - Law of Attraction - Define and Apply

The Law of Attraction is very real and people are utilizing it right now to achieve their dreams and goals. Through monitoring and controlling your attitude and perception you can change the experiences in your life. The programming that lies in the depths of your subconscious mind is that which controls your conscious mind, which in turn controls the choices and decisions you make in relation to the direction your life takes. By thinking positively you will be much more likely to have positive experiences to match. The bible verse that says "as you sow so shall you reap" is in line with the Law of Attraction, as is the passage "if you speak death you will eat death". Both indicate that what you think, do, feel and believe is where life will take you.

Anyone who begins to understand the Law of Attraction will want to convert to positive thinking. For those who experience difficulty mustering up a positive mood, simply plant that smile on your face and the feeling will follow! It is important to understand that it's your very own thoughts that are controlling your emotions, so steer your thinking and your emotions will improve as well. The best way to learn is through experience, and by analyzing your thinking patterns and the way they are making you feel you can realign yourself to the law of attraction until it simply becomes second nature.

If you don’t believe you deserve good things to come to you then they won't. This means the Law of Attraction demands you improve your self esteem and confidence so you are ready to receive your dreams. The things, people and experiences in your life will all relate to what you really believe, so if you don’t like something you see around you, start with analyzing yourself. The Law of Attraction wont work in your favor if you force yourself to think good thoughts yet walk around in a foul mood. You have to feel, think and expect that what you want is being drawn your way. If you are doing something in your life that is disrespecting yourself then the Law of Attraction will ensure you only get what you are stating you are worth with those actions. If something you are thinking or feeling is not something you would want thought or felt about you, stop doing it immediately. To further your understanding and deepen your connection to the true source of universal love, God, you can learn other laws such as The Law of Pure Desire, The Law of Paradoxical Intent and The Law of Harmony.

To learn about belief and surrender, read The Law of Pure Desire. This law teaches you to use love as your guide and be passionate in your pursuits. The Law of Pure Desire teaches you to incant what you would like to attract so your subconscious mind can lead you towards it. Losing all negative beliefs relating to your own self worth, you must imagine yourself being there living in your dream future life, feeling the wonderful emotions. Being open minded so you recognize when your dreams arrive in a different form to what you originally visualized is also part of this law.

The Law of Paradoxical Intent is most importantly relating to trust, letting go and believing joy will be yours, regardless of all else. It involves being concise in your intentions and avoiding distractions. The Law of Paradoxical Intent reminds you to maintain calmness, stay relaxed and don’t allow impatience or urgency to drive you. Learning to measure internal not external happiness and be in a state of thankfulness for the life you have rather than focusing on what you are missing out on are vital for being able to live in the moment and utilize this law.

No one likes to be judged or criticized, and the Law of Harmony is all about not judging others. If you do your best to make every relationship harmonious and be kind and forgiving to everyone you will be rewarded in your own life. Use every opportunity to give and help out because you never know when you may need the same help yourself. The Law of Harmony refreshes your motivation to be propelled to do for love alone and to seek kinship with other people.

If you maintain a clear focus towards peace, happiness, beauty and love the world around you will be full of those things. If you instead allow yourself to be drawn down into negative actions and thoughts of criticism or competition, then that is all you will see. Uncover your deep and true desires and allow them to be your motivation and guide for life and what you want will be where you go. You only need to do your part by making these changes you are in control of and the Law of Attraction and the universe will arrange the rest.

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