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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Is the Law of Attraction Action-Required?

For most people, hearing that you can be, do or have anything you want just by thinking about it is an incredibly attractive message. Some people will go to work on the knowledge they learn whereas others will just sit back and wait to see others using this law before they try it themselves.

The person who really makes an effort with becoming more deliberate about what they attract will start to see an increase in abundance show up in their lives. At first it can start off slow but once you’ve practiced feeling good and visualizing your desires for a month or so, the abundance will soon increase.

But can you really sit at home and just visualize a pot of gold and expect that pot to appear from out of thin air? Realistically that won’t ever happen. Yet remember this… it is just as easy for the universe to bring you one dollar as it is to bring you a million dollars. The work remains within you and it is you who have all of the control over how fast or slow a pot of gold will flow into your life.

If you can hold yourself in a place where you feel as if that pot of gold is your birthright and really feel as if it is already yours, then not only will that gold arrive faster, but it may arrive in ways which do not require any effort from your behalf.

Think of this for a moment. Are you worried that you will run out of oxygen? Do you walk around trying to gather as much air as you can just in case? No of course you don’t. And that’s because you have a strong expectation of oxygen being available in abundance. You do not have to work hard at getting more oxygen synthesized, you simply expect it and it is there.

It’s the same with transport. You expect there to be transport and you expect there to be food and you expect there to be water, need I go on? There are many things that you expect and therefore you experience. If you could be the same with your money and other things that you want, then there really is no effort required.

Once you’ve lined up with what you want, it will come. You should now just enjoy the process of it coming to you and have full faith that it is yours. Imagine it and play with it. Have fun creating it and shaping it. Define it even more with your imagination until its perfect. The universe will yield it to you, the only way that it won’t give it to you is if you hold yourself apart from your desire.

Have fun and lighten up, you have endless time to achieve your desires and endless resources to help you.

Gary Evans is a Law of Attraction practitioner, author and owner of the company Good To Feel Good.

Gary is dedicated to helping you attract anything you desire through successful application of the Law of Attraction.

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I don't personally believe that you can just sit down, do nothing, and just think up your desires and then achieve them. It is true that the more you think, and the more emotion you put into something, you will attract via the Law of Attraction, but what I think is that you are attracting the possibility and making it more likely. You are opening the door to be able to achieve what you desire when you attract something, but it is ultimately up to you to walk through it. For example, if by the Law of Attraction you attracted financial abundance into your life... I highly doubt a check for a million dollars will show up at your doorstep, but perhaps that high paying job you've always been hoping for will become available to you... but it is still up to you to accept it.

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