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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Law of Attraction - What If I'm Not Doing It Right?

Self doubt is one of the emotions which can block the Law of Attraction from working fully in your life. The question 'what if I'm doing it wrong' is one question we often ask ourselves. It's a natural thing to ask. Even back as far as school are told there is a right and wrong way to do things, and then we are tested on those principles. I have news for you: there is no right and wrong way to work with the Law of Attraction, there are just a series of lessons to learn.

Here are some ways to start combating self doubt.

Take very tiny steps in the direction you wish to travel. There's no way you can learn everything about the Law of Attraction all at once, and there's no way you can implement every aspect of the Law of Attraction all at once, so don't! Do one area at a time, and learn how to make it work for you, and then move onto the next area. This leads onto the next area: impatience.

When we are impatient we are demanding that the universe hand us everything all at once. It's a self-defeating attitude, and it stops you from seeing what progress you have already made. Take time to smell the roses, and realise that everything happens it its own time. If you feel yourself becoming impatient, take a deep breath and try to work out why you are impatient and what you can do to change this. It's one of the lessons along the way when working with the Law of Attraction. Make it work for you rather than against you. This leads to the last area: there are no examinations.

There aren't any exams. Really, there aren't. Your journey is different to the next person's. So because of this, you'll never have to walk into an examination room and pass a test. This may seem scary because it means you have no yardstick to judge yourself by and to judge others by. Actually, knowing you won't be tested and graded is freeing. Think of the freedom you have no to be yourself, and move in your own direction without restraints.

If you are still concerned, there is nothing wrong with seeking advice so that you can refine your goals and plans. Let go of the impatience, take tiny steps and realise there's no need to judge and you are on your way. There's no right and wrong when working with the Law of Attraction, just a series of choices.

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I agree with Trudy as she explained how self-doubt can be the very limiting factor which causes a "block" in how effective the Law of Attraction works to get us what we want, rather than what we don't want. It is also the very thing that causes people to dismiss the Law of Attraction because of the fact they are putting more emotional investment into the things that they don't want without even knowing it. Self confidence is a very important factor, and everyone should strive to improve that quality in ourselves--of course, at the same time making sure not to become arrogant.

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